Vertical MBX IP

One System, Countless Possibilities

Vertical MBX IP IS much more than just a phone system… It’s a reliable, feature-rich converged solution that delivers digital and VOIP capability for up to 250 users and 72 sites in a single, cost-savings package.

Singularly Smart

MBX IP is a reliable, feature-rich converged solution that delivers digital and VoIP capability in a single, cost-savings package.

Robust telephony features

MBX IP provides hundreds of telephony features. Features like Call Forward, SMDR, VoIP, Internal/External Paging and Least Cost Routing.

Integrated Applications

All the tools you need, when you need them. Add applications with a simple license key. Remove other communications servers when you no longer need them.
Vertical MBX IP is more than just a phone system. It’s a feature rich, converged unified communications solution that delivers digital and VoIP capability for up to 324 physical and 324 virtual users and 250 multiple sites in a single, cost-effective package. With the MBX IP’s unique “all-on-one-box” architecture, you have automatic access to hundreds of business-class phone features and integrated applications, giving you countless ways to improve operations, intra-company communications and, ultimately, your bottom line.
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MBX IP provides the same benefits and competitive advantages as far more expensive and complex enterprise-class phone systems, including the ability to respond quickly to customers, vendors and partners using advanced features and applications such as:

  • Integrated voice mail/auto attendant for professional greetings. Multiple voice mail units can be installed to increase port/hour capacity.
  • Automatic Call Distribution, including call center functionality, agent wrap up and supervisor functions.
  • Ability to network small branch offices using the Vertical SBX IP system to facilitate a seamless communications network.
  • SMDR call records to track call costs and prevent phone abuse. The records can be e-mailed on a scheduled basis and imported into Excel.
  • Multi-party conferencing for up to nine conference rooms.
  • Multiple tenant groups allow you to partition groups by department.
  • VoIP (SIP) trunking reduces expenses and provides flexibility.
  • Robust call routing capability enables live answer, auto attendant, or backup auto attendant coverage patterns, as well as DID, ANI, or CallerID routing.
  • Unified Messaging, with ability to receive voice mail as a .wav file attachment via e-mail.
  • Mobile extension allows incoming calls (on T1/PRI or SIP trunks) to ring your cell phone when you are out of the office.
  • One-touch call recording for more accurate customer orders, compliance and training.
  • Call Screening allows you to listen to callers that have been routed into your voice mail so you can decide if you need to speak with them or not.
  • Roaming mobility with DECT cordless wireless telephone offerings.
  • Detailed reporting integrates with accounting and other management applications.
  • One-touch feature button access for easy and intuitive feature operation. MBX IP provides softkeys with intuitive navigation via the LCD of a telephone.
  • With the optional EZPhone application, CTI integration with Microsoft® Outlook, ACT and Goldmine is available.
  • Optional EZAttendant software application provides attendant/operator stations, rapid call handling and instant visual status to efficiently process calls.
  • Dedicated Hotel/Motel telephony feature set includes:
  • Wake Up Calls
  • Check In/Out
  • Maid Status
  • Room Charge/Status
  • Message Wait Set/Cancel
  • Bath Alarm
  • Room Swap
  • VIP Guest
  • Generic Property Management System Interface
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