Conversations made better with team chat and messaging

Chat, share files, collaborate, and get work done—organized your way.

Switch to phone or video with a tap

Hop on a phone or video call right from your team chat app—no need to open a different app.

Works with your existing apps

Send files, pin documents, and connect to the team collaboration tools you’re already using.

Organized and easy to use

Reduce business communication clutter with dedicated folders and threads for projects, topics, and teams.

Work with everyone

Streamline work with customers and partners by inviting anyone to join the conversation.

Benefits of RingCentral’s Team Messaging App

Simplify your workflow

Assign tasks and update stakeholders with built-in task management.

Bring everyone together

Easily add external (or internal) contacts to the group chat—and post emails for context.

Get started and get help

The Resource Center offers a single location right in the app to try out features, get help and more.

Live video chat rooms

Set up a virtual meeting room that your remote teams can come in and out of anytime with Team Huddle.

Optimize how work gets done

Find what you need fast

Bookmark important group messages or shared files, search by keyword, and filter by mentions.

Meet when you need to

Make phone calls or start a video meeting right from your message—all in one team communication app.

Connect your work tools

RingCentral works with hundreds of apps like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

Team chat app features that lets you communicate and collaborate

Apps tab

External app gallery gives user access integrations and add-ons.

Team Connect

Users can schedule RCV meetings and go to the Video tab to view upcoming RC meetings. Single button that lets teams connect automatically.

Share files

User can share from common cloud storage provides like Dropbox, google, ect.


Integrations intuitive to you

Build, explore and add the integrations you and your teams need into RingCentral.

FAQ about Team Chat and Messaging

What is RingCentral team messaging
RingCentral team messaging is a tool to send and receive instant messages—but it is more than that. We built our team chat app to serve as a unified, intuitive, open, and secure place where groups can talk, manage tasks, share files, and collaborate in real-time.

We understand that in today’s workplace, effective communication and collaboration tools are vital to maintaining productivity and keeping up with everything that needs to get done. What RingCentral team messaging offers is a simple yet rich platform that allows instant messaging, file sharing, project management, unlimited cloud storage, and much more.

What should I look for in a team messaging app?
It is not enough for your team messaging app to offer basic group chats and direct messaging features. If you’re on the search for a team communication solution to help streamline workflows, here are some added functionalities you should look for:

  • Advanced search function
    When things get busy, it is ridiculously easy to miss pings and messages from co-workers. A good team chat and messaging app (like RingCentral) should have an advanced search function to help you find buried documents, links, and past conversations without turning the task into a time-consuming ordeal.

    Moreover, you should be able to search not only by keywords but by date ranges, contacts, groups, file types, other filters, and even settings. Not every communication app has that option—but RingCentral does! In addition, RingCentral also allows users to pin and bookmark comments for easier access to information and files.

  • Seamless integration
    A team messaging app should seamlessly integrate with the other communications tools you are using, such as your cloud phone system and video conferencing service. The RingCentral app unified messaging, enterprise telephony, and rich video conferencing in a single app experience.

    Furthermore, the RingCentral app leverages the breadth and depth of our integration library, allowing users to embed third-party applications in the team messaging experience with RingCentral Add-Ins.

  • Collaboration features
    Team messaging apps have evolved to become an excellent means for keeping track of business to-dos. RingCentral, for instance, allows users to create tasks in any conversation, be it for direct or group messaging.

    You can also reply directly to the task so that when you click it, you can open up and view all replies corresponding to it. This prevents relevant comments from being buried by other messages in the chat room.

    You should also look for a messaging platform that allows users to share files, documents, links, images, and videos. This can save you the time and trouble of opening a new browser and digging through files sent through email or online storage drives.

  • Presence status
    Online, offline, in a meeting, on a phone call, or busy with a rush task? Your presence status in the messaging app can help team members make better decisions about who to contact and when to do so.
  • Personalization
    Juggling multiple conversations and meetings can be a challenge, and it’s only a matter of time before you’ll find yourself drowning in messages. When you have the option to create customizable personal folders, things can be more manageable.

    You can put direct and group conversations into folders and categorize them according to priority, project deadlines, or any criteria you want. Clicking on the folders will reveal (and hide) conversations, allowing for a more organized dashboard.

  • Emojis and GIFs
    When you hear the term business communications, you probably associate it with professionalism. But even in the most formal of workplaces, casual conversations also exist! For those moments, emojis and GIFs are a great way to add a bit of fun to your messages.

    You can use them to send a response to a significant achievement, a funny joke, a friendly banter, or a minor announcement. You can also send a thumbs up as an acknowledgment of a message.

Who can use team RingCentral messaging?
RingCentral’s messaging platform is made not only for employee-employee communication, but also for vendor-client communication. This means that anyone who works for your business in some capacity can take advantage of our team communication app: part-time employees, freelancers, consultants, and more.

Being able to add outside contacts without giving them access to every internal channel is a foolproof solution to creating an open communication line that can still have restrictions and permissions in place.

What are the benefits of adopting a team messaging app for my business?

The short of it is this: team messaging apps simplify business communications. It is taking over email in many workplaces because it enables people to communicate better and stay connected despite differences in time zones, work hours, and locations. Here are other benefits to help you decide:

  • It’s easy to administer and monitor.
  • It connects all workers across your organization.
  • It lessens time wasted on unproductive meetings.
  • It aids in better project and task management.
  • It cuts down on additional communication costs.
  • It promotes collaboration among team members.
  • It enhances accessibility and mobility.
How does team messaging enhance my phone and video experience?
Chats are a fast and easy way to get in touch with remote teams and co-workers. However, some conversations demand meetings with voice and video. With RingCentral, you can effortlessly switch from team messaging to a call or video meeting with just one click.

Every conversation has a phone icon and a “Schedule a meeting” button. Once clicked, it opens a new window where you can select all your meeting details (start/end times, participants, password, waiting room, and more). It’s that easy!

Alternatively, you can always opt for messaging when you don’t feel like talking or meeting “face-to-face” with anyone. It can give you a much-needed break from fatigue brought about by constantly attending virtual meetings and conference calls. Our app has all the messaging features you would ever need to get your point across, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

How can I access team messaging?
You can access our team messaging platform when you sign up for RingCentral Video Pro or RingCentral MVP, both of which are compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can even access team messaging from your browser.

This means you can send and receive messages anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

How does RingCentral team messaging integrate with the other apps I am using today?
At RingCentral, we understand that businesses require different tools to keep processes going. This is why we created our products not only to have built-in features, but also to be capable of integrating with hundreds of other communication and collaboration tools if you need them.

Our extensive catalog of more than 300 ready-to-use integrations includes popular apps like Google Chrome, Google Drive, Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft 365, and Asana. You can also build your own app with our open APIs, SDKs, and widgets.

RingCentral can help employees avoid frustration over complicated workflows, save time, and be more productive by eliminating the need to toggle between apps. We have the answer to making your business run better!

What can I share with team messaging?
There are no limits to what you can share. You send messages, GIFs, emojis, and links to other websites. You can also attach documents, images, audio files, and videos as well as create events, notes, and tasks directly from the conversation. If that’s not enough, you can always opt for screen sharing, too!
Is team messaging secure?
Not all team messaging apps are built the same, but with RingCentral, you can experience secure communications across all platforms. We have several layers of built-in security in place for our clients’ peace of mind.

Additionally, RingCentral has earned Certified status for information security by HITRUST, which indicates that what we offer has met industry-defined security requirements and is appropriately managing risks.

Can I chat with personal contacts?
Absolutely! You can easily import your personal contacts in the RingCentral app, and you can chat with your friends, family, and acquaintances. This will also allow you to make calls and send fax and text messages.

Unlike guest users, personal contacts are not RingCentral app users. Therefore, it is necessary to add them to your list of contacts first. You can do this either by manually creating them from within the RingCentral app or by syncing your Microsoft or Google accounts with your RingCentral app.

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