Remote Meetings for Employees & Clients

Now there is an easy, cost-effective way to remotely engage employees and customers…

Introducing Wildix Cloud Collaboration from Foritas.

We all know that working remote is a thing and sometimes travel is expensive and time-consuming. With Wildix Cloud Collaboration from Foritas, your company can create remote meetings that are effective, engaging and productive.

Our browser-based, cloud-collaboration platform, enables employees to create a web-based, multi-media conference for teams, presentations and clients using their computer or mobile device! 

This easy-to-use solution leverages existing technology **, and allows you to invite as many as 50 remote participants into a conference. With one simple click, invited guests have:

  • LIVE View of participants.
  • LIVE View of meeting content (PPT, Word, Excel, Chrome, etc.)
  • Ask Questions using our audio-line.
  • Instant Message questions.
  • Receive file transfers from meeting.

Quick Demo Video

By connecting employees and customers with Wildix Cloud Collaboration, your company will save time and money. Request a demonstration or price quote today from the link below.

* Based on a minimum of 6 user licenses with a one year term.
**Required pre-existing technology includes participant computing device (PC, MAC or Chrome book), internet access, web camera, microphone and Chrome browser.

About Foritas

Foritas, Inc. specializes in voice and data communications for business enterprises. Our technology partners include Wildix, RingCentral, and Intermedia Communications. Together with these strategic partners, we enhance the communications of single and multi-site enterprises in New York and throughout the USA.

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