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Since the fall of 2019, Foritas has been a proud Wildix partner. As an Authorized Dealer, we’ve been providing clients with the best communications solution on the market. With Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) and Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC), we’re helping comapanies connect with customers in new ways, increase sales, and grow their businesses.

Who Is Wildix?

Wildix is a multinational company that develops Unified Communications solutions and VoIP products based on the latest communications technology. They’ve created the first web-based VoIP PBX UC&C system that’s professionally designed, easy to use, and 100% secure. Only Wildix can facilitate internal and external communication between employees and customers through a web browser and mobile app. That means instant communication between anyone, from anywhere in the world, on any device. Wildix works with certified regional business partners, like Foritas, to deliver their products and bring value to companies across the globe. View what we have to offer here.

What is UC&C?

UC&C (Unified Communications and Collaboration) is more than just a stand-alone tool or product – it’s an integrated communications solution. Rather than downloading and installing a mix of software programs, browser extensions, and applications that clutter your PC, UC&C combines every major communications channel into one easy-to-use system. Features including IP telephony calling, video conferencing, instant messaging, desktop sharing and file transferring work together seamlessly to enhance business communications and the customer experience. With UC&C, businesses can increase productivity, improve responsiveness and customer satisfaction, facilitate collaboration, and reduce costs. 

Collaboration is the Wildix UC&C solution for an enterprise of any size. In addition to the features listed above, the Wildix Collaboration web interface offers a customizable view of colleagues, grouped by work teams, and provides real-time presence information of users. Because it runs entirely through your web browser, it’s highly flexibe and compatible with any device. With this efficient and intuitive communications system, users can save up to 25% of your working time while increasing employee engagement. See Wildix Collaboration in action in this short, 2-minute clip:

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is an open source project which includes a collection of communication protocols and JavaScript APIs to enable real-time, high-quality communication capabilities. Simply stated, WebRTC enables audio and video communication to work within web pages. Today, WebRTC is supported by all modern browsers –  Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. And it’s not limited to only web browsers, but available for mobile devices as well. 

WebRTC can be integrated into a UC&C platform in a way that allows external users to join a chat, call, or video conference. WebRTC Kite is the Wildix solution that enables external users to contact your employees using a simple link. Kite can even be added as a contact button or embedded as a customizable widget to your website. Website visitors can see who is available to contact and start a chat, call, or video conference with just one click. Combined with Collaboration, employees can seamlessly communicate with customers from any location.

With WebRTC capabilities, Kite takes a more personal approach to digital marketing and e-commerce. Potential customers can talk directly to an actual person from your company to leave feedback, ask a question, or make a purchase. This enables you to improve your brand image on the web, deliver a superior customer experience, and convert more prospects into customers. See how Foritas has integrated Kite into our own contact page – you can see which employees are available and call, message, or video chat with one click of your mouse:

Why Unified Communications Is More Important Now Than Ever

Although we can plan and prepare for the future, we cannot predict the future. Sometimes, we encounter unforeseeable and uncontrollable events that severely impact our business – power outages, economic crashes, hurricanes, or most recently, a global pandemic. Both major and minor issues limit our ability to reach the office. Communication goes haywire and productivity plummets, hindering profits and progress that may take months (or even years) to recover. What you need is a solution that protects your company’s ability to work, no matter what circumstances arise.

The Covid-19 crisis has been difficult for everyone, but it’s been especially difficult for small businesses. Foritas is one of those small businesses. So how have we been managing? With Wildix!

Back in March, our employees had to transition from reporting to the office everyday and servicing clients around bustling Manhattan to working from home – virtually overnight! Although we were quickly scattered across the tri-state area, we had Wildix to keep us connected. We’ve been using the Collaboration web interface since we became a partner last year, so we already had the means to keep everyone in the loop. Employees seamlessly switched to instant messaging, calling, video conferencing and screen sharing to update the rest of the team. We’ve been able to continue working and maintain relationships with clients, whether they required our services or not. 

It’s hard to tell when we’ll see the end of this current crisis, and there’s no way to predict the next one. Your company’s best course of action is to be proactive. The best time to prepare is now – and your solution starts with Unified Communications.


About Foritas

Foritas, Inc. specializes in voice and data communications for business enterprises. Our technology partners include Wildix, RingCentral, Intermedia, Vertical Communications, Zyxel and Spectrum. Together with these strategic partners, we enhance the communications of single and multi-site enterprises in New York and throughout the USA.

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